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Sporting Advantage Inc.has signed an agreement with Pro Performance Sports
to market a new version of shootANDstar Rebounder-
NOW called the SKLZ Rapid Fire II !!!

Practice Makes Perfect!
Spend your time
Practicing Shooting
NOT Chasing the Ball!!
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brand of sports training products!)

Save 15% OFF all SKLZ training equipment
including all basketball equipment!!
SKLZ Rapid Fire II sale price only $101.99!!!
Help your basketball player to
become a SHOOTING STAR!!!

4/3/06 Ask an Expert - USA TODAY's Steve Strauss reports-

"This product is as simple as it is ingenious. The best basketball practice product in the country." Steve Strauss USA

(Click here to read article by Steve Strauss)

Steve Strauss is also the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the NBA".
Shoot from anywhere
the ball is returned to you!

Practice shooting- NOT chasing the ball!

No need to take it down,
the net hangs down out of the way
behind the backboard!

(BELOW- Read a customer's success story!)
Eleven year old Grant Rudin Beats
dad's personal record from high school
by making 60 free throws in a row
using the shootANDstar Rebounder!

Lyle Rudin was at his office on a conference call when he kept getting phone calls from home. As soon as he finished the conference call, he called home to find out what was going on. His eleven year old son, Grant, was all excited about making 60 free throws in a row and couldn�t wait to tell his dad. Lyle had previously told Grant about how he made 52 free throws in a row when he was in high school so Grant, using the shootANDstar Rebounder, set out to beat his dad�s record.

�My son Grant loves basketball so I want to give him the training and tools to help him become the best basketball player he can be. The shootANDstar Rebounder is an excellent tool to increase the number of shots and efficiency of Grant�s shooting workouts and to develop the muscle memory needed to become a great shooter.� � Lyle Rudin

�Sporting Advantage Inc. is proud to be a part of helping people like the Rudin family to achieve their goals and to improve their basketball shooting skills so they can be successful with their basketball dreams.� - Glenn E. Hudson, President of Sporting Advantage Inc.

Muscle Memory-

Repetition is key to becoming a great shooter!

Excerpts from Advantage Basketball Camps website-

"Learning to become proficient at any physical skill involves repetitive practice. This learning method applies to everything from walking, riding a bike, and playing the piano. The term �muscle memory� means repeating a motion until the body retains that motion in the subconscious. In other words, true learning means developing abilities which no longer require conscious effort."

"Developing muscle memory requires repetition. This repetition can be done continuously, but Advantage Basketball Camps has found that, for young players, daily practice over time helps to maintain interest while still building fundamental skills."

"Basically, the more you practice, the more opportunity for successful objective achievement, resulting in psychological positive reinforcement and further muscle memory patterning. According to my good friend and fellow BEC instructor, Rich Williams, the old adage that �practice makes perfect� is not just a saying; it�s a physiological fact!"


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VIDEO- Peoria HOI-TV 19 News
Sports Story by Jim Mattson
about the shootAndstar rebounder!

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of HOI TV 19 Sports News Story

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of HOI TV 19 Sports News Story

"New Invention Will Revolutionize
Basketball Shooting Practice!"

(PRWEB- Sunday, August 22, 2004)

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They will love to practice shooting!


Demonstrations at basketball camps and/or events of the shootAndstar rebounder have been successfully completed at the following colleges:

Bradley University - Peoria IL
Millikin University - Decatur IL
Illinois State University - Normal IL
Illinois Central College - Peoria IL
Augustana College - Rock Island IL
Western Illinois University - Macomb IL
Olivet Nazarene University - Kankakee IL
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale IL
Illinois Wesleyan University - Bloomington IL

Most common word by demonstration participants-


Most common statement by demonstration participants-

"I am going to ask for one of these for my birthday!"


"Shooters are made, not born. As a basketball coach I am always looking for ways to maximize the number of repetitions that a player can get during a shooting work-out. The shootAndstar rebounder is one of the most affordable tools that I've used to increase the efficiency of a work-out."

...Dan Voudrie, Olivet Nazarene University

"Our campers had a great time shooting and competing on the shootAndstar rebounder!"

...Jeff Guin, Western Illinois University


"The shootAndstar rebounder helps my son to use his time efficiently when he is practicing shooting. Repitition of a good shooting stroke is the key to becoming a better shooter, and the shootAndstar rebounder is the key to improving the number of repititions he gets in a workout. It was easy to assemble. It is easy to use. For the money, the shootAndstar rebounder is the best investment for anyone wanting to help their basketball player improve their shooting capablities."

...C. Weaver, Peoria IL

"It�s a wonderful invention. I have 3 girls that all love to play basketball. The shootAndstar Rebounder allows them to practice shooting by themselves. I can use my time getting jobs done around the house and know that they are able to get the practice in they need to become good shooters. We love it!"

...Tim Piercy, Hudson, New Hampshire

"Our kids love to have fun shooting baskets using the shootAndstar rebounder!"

...The Sammers, LeRoy IL

"All the kids in our neighborhood love the shootAndstar rebounder. As soon as I got it set up for my kids to use, all the kids in our cul-de-sac were over at our house having fun shooting baskets. I would recommend the shootAndstar rebounder to anyone who has kids that want to improve their basketball shooting skills and want to have fun while they are doing it."

...Brian McCullough, New York

"Thanks for such an amazing product!"

...Chris Goodwin, Strasburg CO


NOW they can use their time shooting
"NOT" chasing after the basketball!

Shoot from the deep corner
and the ball comes back to you!


Easy to move and use!



"Invention's GOT GAME-
Mackinaw man's creation
perfect practice partner"

(Bloomington/Normal Pantagraph- Monday, May 15, 2006)
Business article by Scott Miller

(Click here to view sports news article)

"Invention returns ball to shooter"
Daily Times, Pekin Illinois, August 3, 2004
Sports news article by Joe Lanane-
(Click here to read article by Joe Lanane)

"Invention alleviates time spent chasing balls"
Morton Times-News, Morton Illinois, September 8, 2004
News article by Lisa Dwyer-
(Click here to read article by Lisa Dwyer)



Shoot 3 to 4 times as many shots
in a work out!

DENNIS GRAFF(nicknamed-The Golden Gunner)- Former University of Illinois basketball player who set the Illinois State High School scoring record with 67 points in one game and who averaged 33+ points per game his Junior and Senior years states-

"I wish I had a shootAndstar rebounder when I was growing up. I practiced shooting by myself a lot so I know I wasted a lot of time chasing after the basketball. I could have easily shot 3 to 4 times as many shots in a workout using the shootAndstar rebounder. Who knows how many MORE points I could have averaged per game if I had the 3 point line, and the shootAndstar rebounder?

If you practice using good form,you will greatly improve your shooting capabilities using the shootAndstar rebounder. I highly recommend it as a great investment for anyone wanting to become a better shooter and scorer!"


where you want to practice shooting from!


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shoot And star


Most basketball players won't practice shooting by themselves because they don't like chasing after the basketball. The shootAndstar rebounder solves that problem. NOW, your basketball player will enjoy and spend lots of time shooting baskets, even by themself, and will become a lot quicker and better shooter.

The shootAndstar is designed for your basketball player to get the most out of their shooting practice. The rebounder's two wings that support the net rotate up to 90 degrees forward and backward, on each side of the backboard simply by pulling on the rope borders of the net and moving the 2 standards that support the other end of the net. Shoot any basketball shot from any angle and the basketball usually comes quickly right back to the shooter!

shootAndstar rebounder's adjustable standards (3 - 5 foot high) can be set to allow basketball shooters to catch the returned basketball as a chest pass or as a bounce pass before rapidly firing up another shot. Rapid repitition is the key to a great confident basketball shooter!

No excuse now for not practicing NOW!


Sporting Advantage Inc.
Mackinaw IL 61755


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Sporting Advantage Inc. announces their NEW IMPROVED VERSION of the shootAndstar rebounder. There isn't another basketball shooting practice device on the market that can improve your shooting skills like the shootAndstar rebounder. So if you want to improve your basketball shooting skills, you need the shootAndstar rebounder!

Basketball shooting, basketball rebounding, and basketball training are all greatly improved with the shootANDstar rebounder. Basketball players will improve their shooting, rebounding, and training with this impressive baskeball rebounder. Youth basketball players, both girl basketball players and boy basketball players will improve their basketball shooting, basketball rebounding and basketball training with the shoot AND star rebounder!


March madness is my favorite time of year because basketball is king! Any basketball player that wants to become a better basketball shooter needs to try the shootAndstar rebounder. This is the best basketball training device on the market! Your basketball player needs the shoot And star rebounder!